Things To Do on the Island Pigeon Forge, TN

Welcome to the ultimate bachelor party destination guide for The Island in Pigeon Forge! This vibrant entertainment and shopping complex offers a thrilling lineup of activities that promise to make your pre-wedding celebration an unforgettable experience.

| 02/22/2024

Everyone knows that the Great Smoky Mountains are home to our state's hottest vacation spot, specifically Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Visitors from all over the country come here to explore, attend events in town, and celebrate big personal events like weddings and bachelor parties.

What's a better place than the extravagant Smoky Mountains to bring your bachelor crew and celebrate the big guy's big day? There is none! To prove it to you, we've selected just one entertainment complex in Pigeon Forge, "The Island", and will cover the many attractions and perks to be found on your next visit!

This is just one of the many places to check out with your crew, but it sure is a great start and one you'll likely find yourself returning to! When looking for it, look for the great smoky mountain wheel, which can be seen from multiple areas around town. There are so many things to do on the Island in Pigeon Forge, including retail shops, restaurants, and rides, that we can't possibly cover them all in one article. Instead, we've handpicked some local favorites that you and your bachelor crew will love!

Just so you know, it is free to park on the Leconte Center parking lot across from the Island; however, the lot is a short distance from the main attraction area. For those who don't want to walk, the Island runs a trolley that picks visitors up from the roofed seating areas around the area.

Island Show Fountain

At the center of the Island in Pigeon Forge, a beautiful dancing fountain can be found (Pictured above). Every hour, the fountain plays two songs that it dances in coordination with, offering ongoing entertainment through the night! It truly is something to see! Thankfully, the pond is lined with rocking chairs for you and the crew to kick back and relax on- all for free! From your seat, you can look around and get a good feel for the shops, rides, and restaurants you might like to visit next!

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel


Almost as tall as our mountains, this 200-foot-tall wheel attraction is not like others you have seen at the fair! Each unit of the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is fully enclosed, with air conditioning inside. From the top, riders can admire the most breathtaking views of our town and mountains. We recommend doing it at night/dusk for the wonderful sights! The city lights and night sky are absolutely beautiful to see glistening together- you won't regret the ride!

Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Alcatraz Crime Museum, originally based in Washington, DC is not only a collection of purely Alcatraz artifacts, but much much more. The museum is divided into 5 separate galleries, which include The Consequences of Crime, The History of Crime, Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Fighting, and Pop Culture. Amongst these galleries, there are over 500 artifacts that are connected to famous crimes. Additionally, the museum offers 28 interactive areas in which you and your pals can immerse yourselves.

The Escape Game


The Escape Game on the Island in Pigeon Forge is one of the coolest attractions it has to offer! With a selection of escape room themes and difficulties to choose from, there is a 100% chance of a great time! These rooms are no easy feat though, so be sure you have the brains and the boys to get the job done! You'll have to put your heads together on some of these, but you can always ask for a hint!

Old Time Photos


There is nothing like an old-timey, gangster photo of you and the guys. Imagine it. You all have leather vests and cowboy hats. They even let you hold guns and look cool and all Western-like. It is such an experience and one that you absolutely must do to kick off your boy getting married! Lucky for you, you can book your reservation and hang out while waiting for your pictures to be taken on the Island! They have a plethora of outfits for you to choose from, and you will have a wonderful photo to keep forever! For more information about the location and photo themes that they offer, visit their website.

If this one is all booked up, there are multiple Old Time photo locations around Pigeon Forge.
###Arcade City


Once you've finished with dinner and drinks, you'll likely all want to head on down to the arcade. Arcade City on the Island in Pigeon Forge offers one of the largest varieties of arcade games that the Smokies have to offer. They have all of your favorite traditional games, and maybe some new ones you've yet to play. Nonetheless, we have no doubt that your bachelor crew will relish in nostalgia and fun when you come here! Don't forget to cash in your tickets before you go- you might find that you can get a pretty cool prize!

SkyFly Soar America


Skyflu Soar America utilizes technology in one of the most enticing and fascinating ways possible- virtual reality. This attraction though, is not like other virtual reality rides you have experienced before! During your ride, you will experience 6 minutes of exhilarating flight through America, with special lighting, smells, mists, and more to make the experience truly realistic! This is one ride you won't regret, we promise!

Mellow Mushroom

If you've never tried Mellow Mushroom's pizza, you sure are missing out! Pigeon Forge has one Mellow Mushroom location on the Island and one on the main parkway. They feature several specialty pizzas with delicious and perfectly crispy sourdough crusts, unlike any you've had before. The "Holy Shitake Pie" is a popular local favorite to try, along with their delicious pretzel bites and beer cheese! Once you're done chowing down, head on to the back of the restaurant or outdoors to sit at their incredible and refreshing Dude's Daiquiris bar! The open bar also offers an enticing range of frozen daiquiris that will keep you and the boys coming back for "one more" all day!

Timberwood Grill


Another wonderful and highly raved-about place to eat on the Island in Pigeon Forge! Perhaps the bachelor crew is craving something a little meatier? Timberwood has got you covered. With a delicious range of steaks and other entrees to satisfy your hunger, we have no doubt you'll be wishing you had leftovers. It is a must-try for the guys! Additionally, the location features an open bar that includes a selection of specialty daiquiris made from Ole smoky moonshine such as their famous "Hillbilly Wine."

Dick's Last Resort


We've all seen videos on the internet of those servers who are just plain rude! The whole while, the customer is laughing along and enjoying the sass. Well, you have stumbled upon that place! Dick's Last Resort on the Island in Pigeon Forge is the place to go if you're looking for sassy service. And not to worry! They don't mind if you talk back a little, they love it!

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen is a local and tourist favorite! If all you and the boys are craving is an endless supply of good ole' southern food, this is your go-to establishment! Served family style, you pay a base price and eat all you want! Not to worry though, this is not an open buffet setting. Your server is happy to bring you fresh portions of whatever you desire!

Ole Smoky Brewery


You've likely seen jars of Ole Smoky moonshine wherever you live. But, if you've ever wondered where you might find one of their locations, the Island in Pigeon Forge is the perfect place! You and your friends will want to spend some time picking out drinks to take back to the cabin for the after-party! Tastings are $5, giving you a $5 discount on your moonshine purchase. Keep in mind that this Ole Smoky location offers only moonshines. Additionally, live music is usually set up on the stage outside of this location during the weekends. To purchase or view whiskey options, the larger location in the Ole Smoky Holler in Gatlinburg is the place to check out! Whatever you're craving, Ole Smoky has got you covered.

Tennessee Stud Cider Co.


Perhaps you and the guys are looking for something a little more sophisticated and manly to drink for the big celebration. Well, they thought of that too! Tennessee Stud Cider Co., an affiliate of Yee-Haw Brewing Company, is also located here on the Island in Pigeon Forge! They serve and sell a delicious range of Hard Ciders and Cream Wines on tap. Additionally, their craft beers can be purchased in 6 packs to go back to your cabin with you! You won't be disappointed!

Off You Go!

While there are still so many great stops here on the Island in Pigeon Forge, TN, this should leave you and your bachelor crew with some ideas and destinations for your next trip! We recommend locating an Island map from either a shop employee or a standing billboard map to help you plan the rest of your evening! Additionally, this map is interactive and available online.

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