Rainy Day Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Things To do

Gatlinburg weather can change with sudden and intense storms, drenching rain and wicked lightening. If your stuck in a downpour, check out these cool places you can hit to stay dry and have a blast.

| 07/28/2020

Gatlinburg weather can change with sudden and intense storms, drenching rain and wicked lightening. If your stuck in a downpour, check out these cool places you can hit to stay dry and have a blast.

Have Fun In Gatlinburg Even If The Weather Sucks

The Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge area in Eastern Tennessee is well-known for its natural beauty, with the Great Smoky Mountain range serving as a backdrop for the area. There are also tons of fun outdoor activities such as the Dollywood theme park as well as some truly choice golf courses.

Unfortunately, if you’re planning a bachelor party in the area, you simply can’t plan for the weather. Those outdoor activities won’t be as much fun if you're drenched in rain; we recommend doing your hiking in the morning. Afternoon pop-up thunderstorms are comman in the summer. Don't worry if everything is a wash; we’ve put together this starter list of indoor activities in the Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge area that will leave the whole gang satisfied.

Visit A Brewery

There are tons of awesome little micro-breweries dotted around the area but the best one for our money is the Smoky Mountain Brewery. Not only is there free parking (youpi!) but the beer is actually pretty darn good.

The Brewery has six classic flagship beers ready on tap for you and the boys to try as well as four other brews that change depending on the season. Not only that but they also have a ‘Brewmaster Special’ that changes every couple of weeks.

Take a tour of the brewery and see how Gatlinburg brewers get down, then sit with the lads and enjoy a tasty flight of beers that range from pale ale to dark ale from their famed Tuckaleechee to the hoppiest IPAs. The restaurant in the brewery is not too shabby either, serving up classic pub eats that none of the boys will be able to turn down.

Ole Smoky Mountain Moonshine
Check Out The Famed Moonshine Distilleries

There are moonshine distilleries all over the Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge area these days but the original spot was Ole Smoky Moonshine. Ole Smoky was the first and only legal distillery in Eastern Tennessee when it opened a decade ago but its success has inspired many copycat distilleries in the state.

Not only will the boys love this classic distillery but for the small price of $5, you can get a dozen samples of moonshine. Be sure that the group has a big meal before the tasting or the white lightening that the Smokies are known for will take you guys down.

You can go for the big kahuna and try out the famed 100% proof original moonshine or you can take it a little easier with a tasty 40% proof apple pie flavor version. They’ve also got tons of other samples that range from the low 40s to the full 100% proof. You’re sure to find a little something for everyone.

Take In A Dinner Show

If the guys like a live show now and then, or if any of you are big country music fans, then catching a show is a great way to still enjoy the city even on a rainy day. A lot of the best shows will serve you dinner as well. Does it really get any better than that?

A few of Pigeon Forge’s best shows include Dolly’s Smoky Mountain Adventure Dinner Show, the Dixie Stampede, and the Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Dinner Show.

The Sweet Fanny Adams theater in Gatlinburg is another great spot that you and the boys can head to on a rainy day. The theater puts on slapstick and vaudeville shows and it is a historical landmark. An important thing to note about the shows at the Sweet Fanny is that they’re volunteer-heavy, so if you’re looking to get involved, sit near the front or the aisle. If not, be sure to squeeze into one of the seats in the middle of the theater.

Have A Tasting At A Winery

We know, this is the third alcohol-related option but the area is just overflowing with awesome spots of all kinds. If you prefer wine to beer and spirits, another great activity that you’ll love to try is a winery tour.

When the weather’s not cooperating, a tour of one of the many lovely wineries in the Pigeon Forge area is pretty much as good as it gets for wine lovers. These spots are great for getting a taste of the local wines and learning a bit about the process that it takes to make that sweet, sweet grape juice.

Taste a few free samples and once the groom finds his favorite flavor, you and the boys can buy it for him as a souvenir of the bachelor bash. Some of the top wineries in the region are Mountain Valley Vineyards, Apple Barn Winery and Hillside Winery.

Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum

Stroll Through A Museum

If you want to take it easy for an afternoon and take in something interesting, check out one of Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge's many museums. One of the top options is the Titanic Museum. This is a gargantuan model of the classic ship. The museum has the history of the ship, full-scale recreations of the rooms inside the Titanic and the largest collection of artifacts from the shipwreck in the whole world.

You can also visit the Sevierville Aviation Museum. It is constantly updating its intriguing plane displays that range from some of the earliest flying machines to more impressive WWII fighter jets. The historic Old Mill, one of the oldest structures in East Tennessee, gives great tours for those looking to soak up a bit of the history of the region as well.

Another awesome attraction in the area is the Hollywood Star Cars Museum in downtown Gatlinburg. The place houses some impressive cars including General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard as well as the original Batmobile from ‘Batman Returns.’ If there are any movie or car enthusiasts in the crew, it’s sure to be a hit.

Final Thoughts

Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge is well-known for its outdoor attractions but your bachelor bash will be successful come rain or shine. The area has tons of other entertaining things to do with the boys even if you can’t take advantage of the great outdoors.

From the truly intriguing and unique lineup of museums to the many eclectic dinner shows, Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge will have no problem helping to keep the bachelor party raging. Not to mention that a couple of tours (and tastings) of just some of the many distilleries, wineries, and breweries are sure to keep the gang in top bachelor party form at all times.

You shouldn’t let the weather rain on your parade and Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge is right there to help you keep the good times rolling in until the sun comes back out!

Rainy Day Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Things To do

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Rainy Day Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Things To do

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